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San Francisco

Go to this American city and discover a destination with personality. Its population of varied origins, its undulating landscape and living a European lifestyle with the traditions of Amerindian, African and Eastern cultures make San Francisco stands out among its nearby cities.

San Francisco, California is located in the bay that bears his name, on the west coast of the United States. The Pacific washes its shores and surrounds a series of islands in the bay, which are also part of the city. It, along with New York, one of the most densely populated country and a true melting pot. Downtown San Francisco is an imposing concrete jungle where skyscrapers soar. It is also in this area of ​​the city where most hotels offer San Francisco is concentrated. If you are looking for hotels in the city, in the center you will find what you want, with the advantage of an excellent location.

San Francisco's jazz 
Taking the music, we can say that in San Francisco the opening music is really interesting, from opera to blues, jazz and rock. Jazz is just one of the favorite moves of travelers visiting the city. San Francisco has several pubs and bars where jazz concerts are given. Enjoy a show with some of the most important musicians of the scene. Usually from October to November is usually carried out Jazz Festival San Francisco. This means that if you are looking for hotels in San Francisco by this time, you must make your reservation as far in advance.

The Golden Gate Bridge
Spend at least once on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is a dream come true. It is the most famous bridge in the city and has a length of 1.600 meters. It was built in the 30s and is the most important work of engineering of the time.

Coit Tower
From Coit Tower will get to have a complete view of the city of San Francisco and the entire bay, nearby are also in Japantown and Chinatown two areas of the city characterized by its colors, tradition of its people and the aroma of restaurants serving typical Asian meals.

San Francisco is a great city for shopping. Shopping malls offer all kinds of objects, clothing, furniture, and of course, souvenirs. Every culture and every place offered items and crafts for you to remember your trip to San Francisco forever. Fishburne In Twin Peaks streets and you will find everything you are looking for, in addition to several hotel chains for staying close to the action.

Bogota is culture

The capital of Colombia is spread over a green valley 2,600 meters above the sea level. Bogota seems to be steeped in culture almost daily. Thus, it has become common to enjoy the most varied exhibitions at different museums and artistic events like dance, theater and music, open field that seem to glow with magic in the streets and in the temples. Book your hotel in Bogotá and do not miss one of the main jewels of Colombia.

La Candelaria 
The student neighborhood, bohemia, artisans, culture and politics, was born in the face of Monserrate and Guadalupe as establishing a spiritual miracle worker thread between the first temple that dominates the hill, and the Chapel of Palomar on the west side Small square of the Chorro de Quevedo, where according to historians, Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada, raised in 1538, her first fitting 12 thatched huts that mimic those of the then members of the Sacred Empire Chibchas.

It is the smallest of Bogotá but invaluable historical town in her local and regional institutional center focuses. It has been declared a historic area of the city of Bogotá and several hotels are located here, so you can enjoy the on-site area.

In this area the main architectural remains of the third city gather in importance in the Catholic New World-after Mexico and Lima: the convents of San Agustin, Santa Clara, the churches of San Ignacio, El Carmen, the Cathedral, the Capilla del Sagrario, the Cardinal Palace, and overlooking the atrium, the spacious Plaza de Bolivar. It is one of the best places in town to visit and stay. The selection of hotels in La Candelaria is important, but be prudent to book with some anticipation.

Gold Museum
Bogotá has one of the best museums in the world: the Museo del Oro His only collection in the world with over 30,000 pieces of jewelry in the metal made ​​by pre-Columbian cultures.. Notable pectoral Tolima, Tayrona figures and above all, the legendary Balsa Muisca, the origin of the legend of El Dorado.

Shopping in Bogota
The area of ​​Chico is an area of ​​wide streets and wooded, beautiful houses and shopping areas. At the heart of what has become known as the Zona Rosa opens a new world in the city: a large shopping and entertainment center in which it is easy to find what you're looking for, from cinemas, restaurants and crafts, to shopping malls and all kinds of stores.

Hotels in Bogota 
When looking for hotels in Bogota, you should know that it is a city with a great deal on accommodation. You can find everything from luxury hotels to budget hotels, it's just a matter of selecting the option that best suits your needs. There are several recommended to find your hotel in Bogota areas. It's usually better to be in the area of ​​the historical center, La Candelaria and similar areas where the increased supply of tourist attractions are concentrated.


Lima is undoubtedly one of the most iconic cities of Peru and Latin America. Its history, marked by the arrival of Pizarro and the place occupied in the Inca Empire, made ​​it the center of the mix of cultures, rootedness, commercial transactions and resistance in the country. This city has plenty to see and ensures that travelers continually surprised.

Lima has a temperate climate throughout the year. This, coupled with its great cultural and historical center that amazes anyone make this city an ideal place for travelers curious to know the history of Latin America destination. Lima is always open to everyone.

Cultural Lima 
The region preincaico cultural past has left its traces in this city, so it is not uncommon to find amidst the visibly colonial town, some witnesses and monuments of the preceding cultures. Many archaeological museums, which have struggled to ensure they survive the last vestiges of these rich cultures are also seen.

Hotels in Lima 
It is difficult to find a hotel in Lima. Lima hotels are many and varied so it will be a simple task to find the one that suits your needs. It is best to stay in the city center, where you can be close to the old town: the most beautiful of Lima. It is also advisable to search for hotels in Miraflores, a bit away from the center area where you find everything you are looking for, even beaches. It is where, if you search hotels in Lima, attempts that are located in tourist areas.

Shopping in Lima
To shopping in Lima, one of the areas is recommended Miraflores. This fishing village was gaining more weight. It began to expand, to grow and is now part of the city. It has beautiful beaches, but also has great shopping centers where you can buy anything you want in Lima, from souvenirs to clothes.

Another fundamental traits of indigenous cultures that still today can be distinguished are those concerning everyday customs, trading and especially the cuisine: considerably different and new flavors and abundant in individuals.

Churches and Convents 
Lima has several religious architectural treasures. Among the convents and churches of the city stands Santo Domingo, is the oldest convent in the city and was created for the title of Our Lady of the Rosary. San Pedro is a seventeenth century Jesuit convent Neoclassical style. On the other hand, the Church and Convent of San Agustín the sixteenth century and Our Lady of Mercy are two captive visits.

But they are not the only buildings that worth to go in Lima. El Santuario de Santa Rosa de Lima is the eighteenth century and is dedicated to Santa Rosa. Finally, the Convent of the Discalced was built by the Franciscan order in the sixteenth century and has inside an incredible collection of colonial paintings. To visit all these is nothing better than looking alojamietno architectural gems in the area. Book your hotel near downtown Lima and enjoy a walk through the history of the city.

There are several museums to see in Lima, but the most important are undoubtedly the Museum of Art, the Museum of the Central Bank, the Museum Josefina Ramos de Cox, the Postal and Philatelic Museum, the Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions (the most comprehensive of Lima), the Museum of the Inquisition and of Congress, the Museum of Peruvian Culture and National Museum of Anthropology, Archaeology and History, the Museum of Gold and Guns Peru and finally, the Museum of the Nation. Lima is a cultural city. If you are looking for hotels in Lima note its proximity to these great museums to not miss a visit to all of them.

The city of Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo is a charming city that combines the sophistication of the modern world, with old world charm and passion of Latin America. This cosmopolitan city dazzles with fine dining, vibrant nightlife and exciting shopping options, all within a unique historical heritage in the Americas. Santo Domingo is ideal for travelers looking to enjoy the contemporary and the ancient site at once.

Santo Domingo, historic city 
Proclaimed by UNESCO as "World Heritage" by Santo Domingo becomes romantic moments, with its cobbled streets, its sturdy stone facades and small cafes and bars colonial riverside.

Its colonial neighborhood, which still houses an Andalusian air in many of its corners, is the most monumental of the island and the first contribution of Spanish architecture in the New World. So when you look for hotels in Santo Domingo, try to book in the colonial neighborhood. It will add a special ingredient to your trip.

Within this area is the Hostal Nicolas de Ovando, the Sofitel hotel chain. It is the home of a former governor of the city dating the sixteenth century. This home has been restored and converted into a hotel with 500 years of history.

International event destination 
As a major cultural destination in the country and one of the most important in the region, in Santo Domingo conferences and events are held throughout the year. In this regard, we recommend to book your hotel in advance to avoid the lack of space for large events.

About lot of professional events held in Santo Domingo has driven much of the hotel industry in the city. This has generated a wide range of hotel excellently put that travelers can enjoy today.

Plaza de la Cultura 
If you want to be near major cultural attractions in Santo Domingo, we suggest looking for hotels in the area of ​​the Plaza de la Cultura. Here are the craft center Mercado Modelo, National Library, the Gallery of Modern Art, the Museum of History and Geography and the National Theatre, among other interesting places to visit.

Another advantage of booking a hotel in this location is that there goes the only subway line at the moment, linking the north with the south of the city.

Rio de Janeiro's Carnival

Rio de Janeiro is one of those unique cities in the world. His name is synonymous with bossa nova, carnival, samba and joy. Its beaches are among the most popular in the world and the people are friendly and uninhibited. The former capital of Brazil is the perfect place for an exciting vacation, a chance to be released amidst a festive atmosphere permanently.

In Rio live 13 million people, becoming one of the largest cities in the world. Imagine so many people moving to the rhythm of samba. That is the main attraction of the city, why is Rio Carnival.

The  Rio Carnival 
The Rio Carnival is the most famous in Latin America and perhaps the world's most festive festival. Every year, thousands of tourists reach the coast of Rio de Janeiro, enchanted by the sensual rhythm of the samba, disinhibition and unbridled expectation of spending some nights, drawn in colors, carioca joy and alcohol. And no wonder, think Rio rests round in eager anticipation of the four days of the carnival.

This celebration has great regional importance, while many people keep their savings to be allocated to it, instead of spending it on the holidays of the year. Inclusive is said businesses should be for later, when the year really begins. So important is the Carnival internationally to find a hotel in Rio de Janeiro for these dates is quite a demanding activity. It is common that most of the hotels in Rio de Janeiro have much of their reserved seats. If you want to participate in the Carnival and not miss anything, make reservations in advance and start searching your hotel in Rio several months before.

Natural Rio
The city lies on a wide bay surrounded by lush nature, such as the Sierra Carioca, the Tijuca National Park or the Tijuca and Rodrigo de Freitas Lake. Ascend the 400 meters from the Sugar Loaf, Tijuca National Park to visit the relic of the rainforest that once surrounded the city, sunbathe on its famous beaches or wander through their neighborhoods are some of the attractions of the 'marvelous city', as is known.

Touring Rio de Janeiro 
When choosing a hotel in Rio de Janeiro, it is better to know in advance what areas should visit: the city is so large that it is preferable to stay near the place we want to go. There are areas for everyone, from chic to other neighborhoods full of history, business areas crowded with skyscrapers and other decorated with beautiful modernist buildings to the most popular, with colorful houses. The most notorious are the favelas, slums full of crime and danger which are crowded excluded by the system.

One way to know is through Rio tram passing through Admiral Alexandrine Street, the main street of the picturesque neighborhood of Santa Teresa. Located in the hills of the downtown area, this is the district that chose to live artists, intellectuals and bohemians of the city. Away from the urban bustle and with wonderful views of downtown, the Guanabara Bay and the island of Niteroi, Santa Teresa, something like the Carioca Montmartre retains intact buildings of the early twentieth century and narrow streets full of magic with old mansions currently Featured are art galleries. It is also one of the recommended to find hotels in Rio de Janeiro sites. Here you can feel the real Rio, colonial, cultural ...

With over tilting in layout, the neighborhood has more than 80 local artists' studios, many of them open to the public. Furthermore, in its vicinity is the Chacara do Ceu Museum, where you can make contact with one of the largest collections of paintings in Brazil, which includes works by Dali, Monet and Picasso, among others. Going to the traditional areas of Rio de Janeiro and Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon, culture is present at Cafe Severino -installed argument goes to the bottom of the library and Coffee Ubaldo within Bookseller Letters and Expressions.

Sao Paulo, the mega city

Sao Paulo is farrago, incessant activity, masses of concrete that rise from the overnight, factories sprouting from the earth, people and more people going to and from work. It is no wonder: in Sao Paulo 15 million people live. This mega city has grown in a way that was absorbing the surrounding villages, incorporating the village, so that the poets say adventurers can wander for miles jumping from roof to roof ...

If Rio de Janeiro is the tourist city in Brazil, Sao Paulo, the main metropolis of the Americas and one of the most populated in the world, is the financial center. Such dimensions make urban Sao Paulo, founded four centuries and a half, a chaotic tangle of skyscrapers and cars, with great contrasts ago. Also, as a financial city, it is common to receive many daily visitors for business reasons. Thus, in the city center a wide selection of hotels in Sao Paulo specially designed for business unfolds.

San Paulo is Brazil's modern city par excellence. Pollution, record sounds, street advertising, graffiti (how come with spray there?) chaos of cars, pedestrians, hawkers and indefinable characters, everything imaginable business and an asymmetrical layout ... Downtown Sao Paulo is characterized as the place of the city with more color and history.

The São Paulo Fashion
The street following the Ouro Fino's Oscar Freire, the most chic shopping cavalcade along with Haddock Lobo, which is the first from Augusta to the right. In Freire and Lobo, the Paulistas buy (you can also just look) Breitling watches, Mont Blanc pens and models of Ralph Lauren and Hugo Boss. Find hotel in Sao Paulo in this area and enjoy a shopping trip.

For fashion lovers, for Haddock Lobo, a small shop selling imported magazines and books on fashion and design at reasonable prices. The area burns especially in January and June during the two annual editions of the São Paulo Fashion Week, fashion weeks sometimes even more production to Europe and New Yorkers.

Ibirapuera Park 
In a large, congested city, the Ibirapuera Park is a gift. Literally, the city government offered up to the city in 1954 to celebrate its fourth anniversary. Of the more than thirty public parks in Sao Paulo, Ibirapuera is the biggest and most interesting. There are some hotels in Sao Paulo located just opposite the park, where an unforgettable view of the city is reached.

Sao Paulo shopping 
No map, it is easy to get lost in San Paulo. So if you shop around town and want to know the most traditional culture São Paulo, we highly recommend a visit to agendarse Municipal Market (Monday-Saturday, Rua da Cantareira 306). Opened in 1933, the architecture is typical of the boom years of coffee cultivation, with ceilings over ten feet tall and large stained glass motif agriculture.

In the market you can stroll among dozens of stalls selling fruit, sausages and all imaginable varieties of olives. And both the ground floor and the first floor you can eat. The Hocca Bar is very famous and has branches at both levels, legendary cod cakes and bologna sandwiches (5 reales), twice as many customers as other local and a poster with this warning: Warning: this bar cause dependency.

Los Angeles exciting

Los Angeles is the largest city in California and the second largest city in the United States. Artists, cameras, film, Hollywood, is the atmosphere we breathe in Los Angeles. However, behind that there is much more: Beaches, cultural centers and entertainment for all ages and tastes make this city one of the most attractive in the United States.

Hollywood is home to the movie stars, is the most famous community in Los Angeles. Of course, this is what most people know, but also the cultural city, with large auditoriums, museums and stunning architecture. The best way to see Hollywood is doing a walking tour, of course it is also a good idea to directly book a hotel in Hollywood so he could be close to the major attractions of the area. The courtyard of the Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard is one of the most popular areas in Hollywood for all the handprints and footwear stamped there, all Hollywood celebrities since 1927.

Also in this area you can visit the film studios Universal Studios Hollywood, on a guided one-hour visit where the stars backstage tour, production offices and some film sets such as Back to the Future. It has a theme park with rides like Jurassic Park, Waterworld, Terminator, ET, King Kong and Jaws. You can also visit the Warner Bros studio. Studios, where you see the footage of current programs and movies from Warner. There is also a museum with the history of the studies.

The beaches of California
Santa Monica is located on the shore of the Pacific Ocean about 30 minutes from downtown LA The Third Street Promenade is the main street. North or south of the city beaches are relaxing. Local residents of Los Angeles are going to Laguna, Zuma, Malibu and Pacific Palisades to get away from the city for some time. These beaches are usually cleaner and less tourist attractions.

The largest and most popular park in California. It is divided into four areas: Adventureland, Tomorrowland, Frontierland and Fantasyland. Some of the "rides" are most popular Peter Pan's Flight, Splash Mountain and Toy Story show. During vacations rows are eternal, but now there is a system called FastPass reservation with which one place for attractions. It is definitely the best. Ideal for family groups.

Los Angeles Nightlife
The exciting nightlife of the city is one of the reasons why many choose to travel to Los Angeles. In Sunset Strip Cafes, comedy clubs and places to hear good rock (Whiskey-A-Go-Go is the best in this style). At Universal City Walk should not miss the BB Blues Club King. West Hollywood is another place in LA to be dropped at night and see what it can offer.

Hoteles in Los Angeles
If you are looking for hotels in Los Angeles, the offer is varied. If you want a stay at the beach, the best choice is Santa Monica; if you want to try a bit of glamor movies, nothing better than to find your hotel in Beverly Hills. Other options are Pasadena and Long Beach. Moreover, if you are traveling for the most common business is to stay in the center of the city. Anyway, just looking for hotels low fares, discount for weekends. Surely you can find a hotel in Los Angeles that suits what you want. But: always remember to book in advance.

Shopping in L.A. 
The most famous of Los Angeles rather the time to think about shopping is Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Here stores Italian and French designers and exclusive jewelry multiply, and it is not surprising that at any moment stumble upon a celebrity. A place to buy and also having a good time is Farmers Market (in Fairfax), where you can buy clothes, souvenirs from all over the world and international food. You can also go to the shopping center as the Beverly Center in West Hollywood, Glendale Galleria and the Westside Pavillion on the west side of the city.